Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 12 Derby Name! May I introduce Geekk 3000

I'm working on being a ref so my derby name is not so important. But I've been thinking of names for years should I ever attempt the track. Besides, isn't the derby name the real reason we get into derby?

So today I finally, after days, weeks, or years of pondering persona's, clever name jumbles and tough girl slogans I've realized that I am neither suggestive, hardcore or clever.

My name decision was kind of a scavenger hunt of random stuff I like and words I like.

When in doubt go with what you know. I like chickens. I like scifi. I like ridiculous. I like nerdy stuff.

I like Coop Commander. Which is weird and silly. Ok. But it wasn't quite right. I just couldn't commit. Here's the test, if you feel weird saying it out loud, it's not the right one.

So I tried to come up with extra names to add to make it acronym-able. So I added Elvis Eggman. Random you say? This makes a lot more sense if you know me better. We have a big white rooster named Elvis. He looks like Elvis from the days of the white jumpsuit.

The whole chicken theme may seem weird, but most of the derby themes are a little odd so go with it.

So I got the letters to EECC. Which reminded me of a friend who we call eek. Which I really like, but then it sounded like geek, which is even better, but adds another letter. I don't know if anyone else came up with their derby name as randomly as me, but again, whatever works.

Then there were issues with the pronunciation, blah blah blah. I finally ended up with GEEKK. General Elvis E. Koop Kommander. Does that seem like a mouth full? Well of course it is. The name is actually somewhat appropriate as the skaters are ladies, ie birds, and I am a ref, ie authority figure.

Anyways long story short. I like the name Geekk. I wanted a little more scifi flash so I added on 3000. Geekk 3000. Ah it so entices my nerdy side. Like some sort of superhero nerd with x-ray vision black framed glasses.

God I hope no one asks me how I came up with it.

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