Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 13 At home

Today I have my 2nd ref practice. We'll likely do more actually skating this time so the practice will be good. There is also an open skate afterward, that if I am not super tired I will stay for.

But that is not until late tonight and I am getting antsy for skating!

I love doing activities that give me cravings. I really love skating on the rink floor. Just straight up skating, but the smooth glide feels so great.

It reminds me of a funny scene in "What about Bob?". It was a totally ridiculous movie with Bill Murray. His character is the kind of person who would accidentally drown in two inches of water so when his therapist takes him sailing, they duct tape him to the mast. The rest of the scene is Bill Murray calling out "I'm sailing! I'm saaaailing!" That's totally how I feel on skates.

Yesterday I didn't skate at all and spent the day dreaming and visualizing the motion I wanted to be doing while skating, instead of the shuffle. So today I've been strapping on the skates and rolling in the hall.

Part of what my friend has been teaching me is to use the full range of motion when doing a basic skate. I currently kind of jump onto my leading foot and let the momentum carry me. Now I want to push with my back foot and lean into my front.

My hallways sessions are great because there is really no fear involved. I have to try really hard to fall with walls on either side of me. So I tried doing the proper motion and it seemed to work.

And I've been practicing t-stops and spin around turns. The turns have improved but my wheels are adamantly opposed to the t stop. They are so sticky that they refuse to drag. But I decided that I am committed enough to skating at this point that I shelled out for the indoor wheels. Hopefully this will help.

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