Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 21 a day of rest

There is no practice today. We had a long week of back to back practices. 6 total practices in 5 days. I only went to 5, but it was as much as I could manage.

So much of the exhaustion I feel is the stress of learning a new skill. Roller skating has been particularly brutal on my emotions. Many of the past 20 days have left me feeling depressed and hopeless. But I keep going back because I really like it.

Today I can relax on a high note. Last night was the best skating I ever done and I really needed a win. Sally had asked me what I wanted to work on and I told her I just wanted to skate. She was welcome to give me pointers, but I just needed to feel the thrill of skating without freaking out.

I don't know if anyone else noticed how fast I was speeding around the track. Or how I am so close to doing crossovers. Half of the fun is the excitement from my teammates. But they had a lot on their minds. Saturday is our first bout. The very first real deal with a crowd and everything. Their nerves must be frazzled.

I'm really impressed with our league. The coach, the managers or whatever they call themselves. Basically the two girls who made this all happen. They decided they wanted it and did it. They planned, they researched, they organized. It's an amazing amount of work. But when it's something that you think is so cool, how can you do anything else?

That's why I keep going back. These women, and a few men, are like magnets. Their dedication and excitement keeps pulling everyone to them. While I wish I had joined up months ago, I'm so glad I'm here now, witnessing our first bout.

To be able to say I was there in the beginning, or close to it, makes me feel part of it. This is definitely the coolest thing I've ever done.

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