Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 27 at home

Today is day one of two days of rest. I really need a break. I tend to take on new hobbies and projects with a break neck speed and try to kill myself in the process.

My muscles need a break. My emotions need a break. Sometimes it's so easy to focus on how far I have to go, that I miss what I've done. Today and tomorrow will be reflection and looking at new ways to incorporate skating into my life.

One of the most important ways for me to really get into a sport or hobby is to make it a big part of my everyday routine. Having my husband and kids jump on the bandwagon really helps me keep going.

So we have a really big driveway. Like 6 car parking sized. It's a little ridiculous, but our house was built in the suburbs in the 50's during the big car hey-day. They liked their cars and assumed everyone would have multiple behemoths.

On Saturday, when the kids go to the grandparent's house, we will be sweeping, decluttering, power washing and scraping all the years accumulations from the driveway. We'll park the cars on the street side parking and make a nice sized space for outdoor skating.

This gives the kids and the parents opportunity to skate whenever the weather is good. And around here we get pretty impressive spring and summer weather. The more chances I have to be on skates, the better I am and the more I want to do it.

Oh and today I did a little bit of skating in the hallway. Not a ton, but enough to look forward to skating on the rink again.

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