Monday, February 28, 2011

3rd Bout!

We had our 3rd bout last night! Yeah! Everything went really well. We had a ton of really crazy scenarios that tried to throw us for a loop but everyone reacted and took care of business in a surprisingly well thought out manner.

One of the deals with reffing is that most of the time the skaters and fans have no idea what we are doing. This makes it easy for them to doubt our skill level. Which is kind of a whatever. If you haven't reffed you really can't criticized it. It's some crazy shit!

Anyways the refs really rolled with it, we worked everything out and ran a great bout.
Next bout I'm hoping to do some different positions. We shall see about how training goes and how well my skating is! Stay tuned!

Running was great again today. I've managed to fairly well kill the 3 mile hump. Now it's no biggie and I'm always hoping that there are free treadmills so I don't have to get off at 30 minutes!

Ran 3.25 miles
Full body weights
Still slacking on the core, hoping to get back on track by tomorrow.

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  1. Way to go! Getting over that hump is great! Be careful, you might turn into one of those crazy runner people!