Thursday, February 3, 2011

Month 2 no braces

So the knees are getting better daily. I'm really focusing on my stride to step and push correctly. I haven't needed any nsaids the past two days, which is great! And today I forgot to put on my knee braces and did ok. While I'll probably continue to use them, especially for longer runs, it's to know I don't need them.

Today I did hill work. Well sort of. The plan was hill work. I did 2 of the 4 hills. I've been reading a lot of running blogs that talk about training. I'm not working towards a marathon or competition, but it's always good to get stronger. So .5 miles at a 4 and 5 incline was fine. Next time I'll do 3 of them, maybe all 4.

ran 2 miles 2.5 total
200 sit ups/back ups
8 minutes of planks. I'm switching up the core stuff to try new things
100 monster walks with the exercise band wrapped twice instead on once.
100 push ups

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