Friday, February 18, 2011

Time to move on

Yeah so you know how to tell when you need to pick up the speed on the treadmill? When you keep hitting into it because you are running too fast. Well that's where I'm at, I'm picking up some speed. But what that means is I'm getting to 2 miles faster and spending less minutes overall running.

Time to stop agonizing over the 2 mile mark. Funny how I really have a hard time with the last half mile. I start thinking about stopping, about how hard it is, la la la. The reality is I need to stop the conversation and start adding minutes, and by default the miles.

I've done 2 miles for 6 weeks. I can do 2.25 now. So I did and it was fine. I still do longer runs, but my base run needs to up it a bit. I'd like to get up to 3 miles by the end of February. This is very doable and not going to hurt. I just need to buck up a bit.

Anyways lazy day.

2.3 miles run, 3 miles total
full body weights, a little light today
400 each back/sit ups
no push ups or monster walks or planks yet. Still working up to those tonight.
100 push ups, now to just do the last bits!

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