Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wallace and Gromit and intervals

I tried intervals today. Basically 2 minutes of an easy pace and 30 second sprints. I did it easier than I should have. Ran the 2 minutes at 5.5 instead of 6, but it was my first time!

They are great! Easy to get through cause the sprint is so short. I went farther than I usually do 2.6 total and ran 28 minutes instead of stopping right after 2 miles. Yeah!

Oh and I put a mirror up on the wall, took like 30 minutes of f-ing around, so I could watch the tv while I ran. Wallace and Gromit are always a good choice!

Ran 2.5 miles, 2.6 total
250 sit/back ups
still waiting on another 40 pushups, planks and monster walks. Thinking about adding some squats and lunges in.
Did the rest of the push ups, so 100 total
10 minutes of planks
100 monster walks, I'm growing to loathe them!
Did some squats and lunges with weights to pass the time and keep warm!

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