Thursday, April 21, 2011

Half Marathon!

So I do this 3 lap loop. Well I have been doing 2 laps that equal 10 miles. The first lap is about 6 miles. The second lap about 3.5 miles and the final lap 4 miles ending me up at home.

I've been skipping the third lap and heading home with a happy and easy 10 mile run. I keep thinking about when am I going to do the 3rd lap. When am I going to finally try for the full 13.5 miles.

Well today was that day. I wasn't particularly energetic. I actually had to stop the "maybe I'll make this a short run" thoughts around 2-4 miles. I try not to think about speed or how much farther the distance is. I just go with it and do what I feel.

When I got to the last turn around point, 9 miles in I could have easily headed home for a respectable 10 miles. But I felt fine. I actually haven't had any pain at all for the past couple of runs.

So I headed up the last loop. The first mile of it is all up hill. Not too steep, but definitely a challenge. Once I made the top loop I took a minute breather and happily cruised the last few miles home.

My speed was all over the place. There were a ton of times where my legs just felt like going faster and I went with it. Especially on the last 1.5 miles. I swear I sprinted almost the entire way. Then in the last half mile I thought I might vomit and decided to slow down a bit.

While the distance was a challenge, I really can't say any of it was hard. So there you go. Half marathon, done.

Ran 13.59 miles
Average 10:13 min/mile

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