Saturday, October 15, 2011

Not always about running!

Planned to run today and knew it wouldn't happen as soon as I put the Bailey's knockoff in my morning coffee! Hey it's the weekend man. A little tipple before noon never hurt anyone.

Finally made it back to practice! I've been on leave since our last bout in August? Sept? I'm not actually sure when it happened.. hrrmm.

Well anyways, my brain retains the most random of details so it was no stretch to step back in. I did penalty tracking for a closed junior league scrimmage. It was nice to be back with everyone and all seemed to have a good time. While I've enjoyed my time off, I've really missed my derby people.

And because fall and winter are our best times for home projects, we have gotten quite a bit done! I organized the spare bedroom into a craft and sewing room. Yeah!

Also we finally built shelves in our totally non-functional bedroom closet. Tons of space and no way to use it. Now there is room for everything, we were able to remove an extra dresser and trunk from the bedroom and it's clean!

And finally I painted a bare wall with chalkboard paint to make a calendar and drawing area. Holy smokes I've needed to do this. We used green and purple and it looks awesome. We have to wait a few days before we draw on it, but it's going to be awesome!

Doing good! Even without a day of running.

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