Friday, February 19, 2016

Double duty

I had a double class on Thursday. Crossfit and Endurance class. This was my first back to back class and things went well.

During crossfit we worked on the clean and jerk for the strength portion. I maxed at 85lbs. I believe this is actually lower than the previous week's clean and jerk. I've been putting in a lot of extra workouts which sometimes are not giving me enough rest time. Some weeks it's no problem, but this week I was really taxed.

It's sometimes disheartening to see my numbers drop, but at this point in training it really doesn't matter. I'm not very strong so 10-15 pound differences are not that impressive but it's all relative. I of course want to lift heavy and fast. But that does not work well and is foolish. So I'll take the lighter days in stride.

After crossfit we had an endurance class, which is less intense but longer duration. We ran near mile loops with light exercises in between. I'm the slowest runner in the class, no shocker, and lagged behind everyone else making three full laps during the 40 minute period with farmer walks, ring rows and walking lunges. It felt good either way. Thankfully I am one of those rare birds who actually likes running, even though I am slow at it.

An a random side note I wore my reflective running jacket. It was dark and we run parts of it in the road. I didn't realize when I packed it that I had not actually worn it in several years. Sadly I have gained about 50lbs since I last wore it. I technically was able to zip it up, but it fit more like a crop top, on a sausage. Hot.

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