Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rest day Race day

Tomorrow is a 5k! Top Pot Doughnut Dash! Run for doughnuts! Sounds good to me!

Today is a rest day, work last night and work tonight till 2am then up bright and early for the race!

So I've been having some trouble with my swim thing. I got a new suit, which should have helped, but it didn't. New clothes always make things better! But I just haven't been feeling it. I get really bored and I don't really want to get wet.

My plan is when I get bored with something, I just switch it up. Besides 50 minutes in the pool is hard for me to get a good workout in. I know I know. But there really is this thing that if you are not a very good swimmer it's harder to work harder. As I get better at swimming I'm hoping there will be less time spent swallowing water, snorting water and hanging out at the end of the pool.

The pool isn't going anywhere and I can get back on it in a week or so. In the mean time I'm kicking up the weights routine. Gym days I normally split the workout between 30 min weights and 50 min pool. And I think I'm short changing both by doing so.

The past week, when I haven't been sick. I've been doing the full 90 min with weights. Yeah you can seriously get trashed on 90 of weights. I do the machines, then free weights, squats with weights, lunges with weights, sit ups, core stuff, back ups, ect all with weights. And when I can't go any farther I do non-weighted sit ups to finish it off.

And I am so freakin sore it is ridiculous. I guess it's working. I can do 40 real pushups now. Actually I can probably do a lot more, but I ran out of time!

Oh and tomorrow's run, which is short and sweet, on sore as F legs. Should be interesting.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Back into madness!

My schedule has changed so Fridays are crazy.

Drop off the kid at school at 9, take the other 2 kids to the gym. Do serious weights and core workout. Pick up first kid. Get home feed all kids. Eat something myself. Pack up all the kids. Pick up older kid. Take whole lot to the house. Drop off and head to work.

1 hour weights and core
25 min bike

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Got some sick

I'm still alive, but not posting much this week. I got some sick from the weekend and am trying to get it together for work and Sunday's race.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back on track

I took a few days off after the bout. 5 hours on skates is pretty brutal on your legs. I worked after the game and the next night, so by Monday I was pretty well wiped out.

Today I finally got back to my usual activities.
Funny that I felt like a slacker by only doing 3 miles of speed work!

7 miles total
1.5 at 7mph
3.5 at 6mph
1 at 5.6mph
and walked 1 mile.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Double Header!

So last night we had our first official game of the season. We had previously had exposition bouts while we got the teams ready for play.

It finally all came together with 4 awesome teams and our wonderful ref crew.

About 6 weeks ago our skate trainer got it in his head that I should jam ref. I had my doubts, but now those are all gone. I also was selected by our director to Head Ref one of those bouts. To say the least I would need to bring my A game, be focused and be ready for some crazy shit.

And to top it all off there would be a reality show filming at the same time. On television too? No pressure though right?

The game came last night with remarkably few butterflies. I felt great! I have to say all my physical training over the last few months have paid off generously. I finally broke a slight sweat, but I think it may have been more flop sweat than from exertion!

My Head Reffing went great! I felt soo on point, checking my numbers, my refs, checking the count. Making sure skaters were on or off track. It's actually kind of fun to yell people off track. We had a few penalty challenges that we managed quickly and decidedly.

Having a good ref crew makes everything go so well, they know their shit, and when a challenge goes down, there is no question to what happened. I have a lot of confidence in their reffing. We still have a lot to learn, but we're doing really freaking well!

My inside crew was seamless. They know what to do and hearing them flow through their numbers and calls kept me very calm. They take no shit, and give no shit. They are so freaking awesome!

The second game I was jam ref and I feel like I did awesome! I skated well, felt very comfortable and in control. My penalties were well called and my points and jam call offs were great. It was a long long night and was everything I had hoped for!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Still spring break

So I'm still slacking on the whole spring break thing. Though after the long run yesterday my knees are very happy about it.

Just a little 8 mile bike ride, some core and weights.

biked 8 miles, 40 min

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Half Marathon!

So I do this 3 lap loop. Well I have been doing 2 laps that equal 10 miles. The first lap is about 6 miles. The second lap about 3.5 miles and the final lap 4 miles ending me up at home.

I've been skipping the third lap and heading home with a happy and easy 10 mile run. I keep thinking about when am I going to do the 3rd lap. When am I going to finally try for the full 13.5 miles.

Well today was that day. I wasn't particularly energetic. I actually had to stop the "maybe I'll make this a short run" thoughts around 2-4 miles. I try not to think about speed or how much farther the distance is. I just go with it and do what I feel.

When I got to the last turn around point, 9 miles in I could have easily headed home for a respectable 10 miles. But I felt fine. I actually haven't had any pain at all for the past couple of runs.

So I headed up the last loop. The first mile of it is all up hill. Not too steep, but definitely a challenge. Once I made the top loop I took a minute breather and happily cruised the last few miles home.

My speed was all over the place. There were a ton of times where my legs just felt like going faster and I went with it. Especially on the last 1.5 miles. I swear I sprinted almost the entire way. Then in the last half mile I thought I might vomit and decided to slow down a bit.

While the distance was a challenge, I really can't say any of it was hard. So there you go. Half marathon, done.

Ran 13.59 miles
Average 10:13 min/mile

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring break!

So it's spring break. Which means that the 2 days a week I have to get my shit together, dressed and out the door before 9am, I can slack off.

I usually go to the gym while my son is in school. But why leave the house on spring break? So home gym it is!

Biked 1 hour 14 miles
Core and weights 40 min

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ref love

You know it doesn't take much to get me feeling great about our group. Tonight was one of those nice nights.

Everyone had good feedback. Everyone was supportive. Everyone said nice things.

I love my ref group.

Speedier speed

Speed work again today. Starting to get back to my normal speeds. Yeah!

Ran 1.7 miles 7mph
ran 3.7 miles 6mph
ran .7 at 5.5mpg
walked 1 mile at 3mph

I'm feeling a pattern here

Swam 1 hour
Upper body weights 30 min

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Follow follow!

Rest day... and I've set up two of my favorite runners to get reports via email when they pass points in the Boston marathon tomorrow!

I want to set up more of you, but I don't have your bib #s. If you are running tell me your #!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easy 10

Once again the easy 10. I wanted to do 13 but really I didn't. I just wanted a good run, and to get back home to go have cake.
It's getting sooo much easier. No calf pain, no shin pain, no knee pain! I can feel my hip, but no pain. And I think my form is getting waaay better!

I watched "The gods must be crazy 2" the other night and watched the bushmen run. Total knees down and heels up. Effortless. One of the lines in the movie is where they find a shot elephant and one of the men says "If I run all day and all night I can tell So-and-So's family about the meat and they can come help us eat it". They run so freakin cute too. Just no big deal, moving along.

I thought about them a lot when I was running. Totally effortless. When I headed for the last 2 miles home my legs just all of sudden kicked into gear and I hauled ass home. It was awesome.

Ran 10.3 miles
1 hour 50 min

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's my birthday!

Today is my 36th birthday and I am pretty pleased with the overall state of things. My house is still a mess. Apparently small children do that, over and over, hourly, half-hourly, ect.

But I can run 10 miles easy, more than that not so easy but doable. I am slow, but getting faster. I killed the killer hill twice last week. I can swim, better. I bike. I can butterfly press 100 lbs and a bunch of other machines.

I can see my muscles under my skin, even though there is still a bit too much here and there, if you know what I mean.

I can skate ref. More importantly I can jam ref. This is really cool, cause I always thought that was the hot shot position. And yeah I totally feel like a bad ass doing it.

I have cute kids. My husband is foxy and we get along pretty well.

Life is good.

30 min upper body weights
50 min swim/water run
43 min bike 10 miles
20 core and push up stuff

Heading for Mexican food and more importantly chips and salsa.
Happy birthday to me.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stomach ache

I've had a stomach all day. And not the "speedy solution" kind. The all day lame, make you crabby and feel like maybe you ate too much candy, though I don't have any, kind of stomach ache.

Well it lessened for a bit and I decided I would try running and see if it helped. It didn't. I could tighten my core much cause it hurt. Even my waistband on my running tights felt uncomfortable. Lame.

Still did an ok tempo run. I'm realizing that I am now a bit slower than I was last month. Don't know why. Though honestly I really don't care. I'm running 10 miles easily. How the hell can I complain?

Ran 1 mile 5.8
.75 @6.2 with .25 recovery at 5.8
repeat 3 times
ran 1 mile at 5.8 mph
ran 1 mile at 5.5 mph
walked 1 mile at 3
total 7 miles 82 minutes

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why we really do it

Why do we really do all this exercising, running, strength training, whatever?

There are some really well thought, beautiful and inspiring reasons to run and be athletic.

But I will full on admit that the way my legs look in short skirts and enjoying peanut butter and ice cream on a regular basis are some of my favorite ones.

Oi vey

The whole baby thing sometimes does not work with my sleep/workout schedule.

Last night after finally falling asleep around 1:30 am (too much coffee? nahhhh) my daughter (who had fallen asleep at about 5pm) decided it was time to get up and play, or eat, or watch cartoons. We did neither but still had the night-night versus get up discussion for about 4 hours. By 7 am I had given up on sleeping. So an hour or so later we headed off for my son's school and to the gym.

Had a decent workout. Weights have been steadily increasing. I'm only doing upper body now with machines as the leg machines all seem to strain my muscles. I'll still do squats, lunges and monsters. Then a swim.

Happy to report that I drank little to no pool water today. Yeah. I've decided as I don't get that much of a workout, (only 50 min on Wed and Fri) that I should start biking when I get home.

I got a new bike computer to show distance and speed. Oh hell yeah, gadgets rule! I'm supposed to go skate tonight too.

Geez I'm tired and really just want to have a drink!

30 min upper body weights
50 min swim
40 min bike 9miles

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some things I've learned

I'm doing really well with running. And believe me it has nothing with be a natural runner. I'm about as far from it as you can get. I have terrible knees, I've never been athletic and have like no serious experience with sports.

But I'm thinking these things all work in my favor. Having bad knees is keeping me from running too much. I'm old, well older. About to be 36. Which in the grand scheme of things isn't very old, but in terms of a great athletic career it's on the old side.

I have low expectations. The fact that I keep showing up is impressing the hell out of me. I'm ok with being slow, though I'd like to be faster. So I'm ok with poor times, cause I'm getting great miles in.

Due to the age, skill, knee, ect, thing I've spent a lot of time researching running form. I'm very early into my running career so it makes it easier. I have no bad habits to break.

Cross training like a mutha-f-a really helps too. I started a year ago doing anything but running. The running only started 4 months ago. And I've been smart and kept up on weight training, biking and now swimming.

I can run 10 miles with no real problems. It feels good. I do it slow, but I do it and I love it.


Getting feedback is hard. Getting harsh feedback is even harder. And when I mean harsh I mean "that was wrong and you feel humiliated" feedback.

But you know I grew up in a foreign country called "my family" and I learn best from feedback. And in particular harsh or humiliating feedback.

So when my refs tell me when I'm doing something wrong. (Though I will say they do a pretty good job of being nice about it) I learn well from it.

I actually really like harsh, blunt, rude and humiliating feedback, but thus far no one has gone there. It just sticks in my brain easier. And I'm happy with the nice version too.

Tonight I got a lot of nice feedback. And I loved it. Because I want to learn. Even if I don't always agree. This doesn't mean anything about me as a person. It's just reffing.

Tell me what to do, how to do it better. I'm all over it.

Sunshine and a giveaway from "Why I run"!

Hey so first of all Jen from "Why I Run" is doing a giveaway. She has 3 awesome items; a Garmin 305 (oh yeah you know that's cool!), a running belt (a low profile design that's perfect for a gu and your keys or phone) and a super cute t-shirt that she embellishes with "Bake,Eat, Run, Repeat" and a cupcake.

If you want to enter just go to her blog, enter a comment with why you run and why you like to blog about it. You don't have to follow her blog, but you should cause she's really nice and posts some really encouraging and inspiring stuff about running and life. Jen, no one ever thinks people are really listening, but we are! Also if you reference her giveaway on your own blog she'll enter you again!

Today was a really nice run. The sun was out, I actually got to run in my new running skirt. The air was cool but still comfortable. And I had no pains at all in any body parts. Yeah!

I tackled the hills again. So I had planned to add on an extra lap, but I made a deal with myself. If I made it up the killer hill twice without walking I could skip the final gradual lap. And I did! I nearly puked the first time up. I ran it quickly and almost lost it at the top. The second time around I decided I would go slower and take smaller steps. Totally worked, got up with less effort and did not need to puke and also rested less time before I caught my breath. Yeah!

The run home is always hard after hills as it is also up hill. But it wasn't nearly as hard as the last time I did it. So major improvement!

Ran 6.4 miles with hill repeats
20 min core

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pool water

Swimming was good again today but I drank pool water like 3 times. Major choke and swallow, up the nose kind. Sucko.

I lasted a little longer and finally bailed cause I couldn't handle anymore water in my mouth.
Yesterday was a rest day, which is funny because I should have just biked. I was sooo bored sitting around doing nothing!

Tomorrow I tackle the dreaded death hill. 2 gradual laps and 2 crazy laps. That's the goal. Oh and I have to complete at least one of the crazy laps and .75 of the second crazy. We shall see.

Swam 1 hour 5 min
40 min upper body weights.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's good

So today's long run was slow and easy. As they should be. A little slower than I'd like, but until the hip is back to normal I'm not complaining.

It's weird how doing a run a mile or two longer than the last long run is so hard on my knees and legs. But the next time I do the same number of miles, it's no big deal. I don't really understand how my body is adjusting to the increased miles so easily, but I just kind of go with it.

I think part of it is the cross training, part is that I'm going pretty slow and mostly because while 10 miles is a long run for me, it really isn't getting into the world of long running that really kicks your ass.

My biggest goals really top out at about 15 miles. That's it. No marathon, no ultramarathon. Just a nice 2 hour-ish run.

Today's run was easy. Hip, calf and knee pain as usual, nothing major just the normal aches. No major huffing and puffing. Going up hills feels really good, way better than down hill. I never got tired the entire run

Next week I'm thinking I'll do that last lap and go for the full 13 miles.

Ran 10 miles slow at 5.5 pace.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Running in a tight skirt

The hip felt better today so I decided to still do a tempo run, just a very slow one.

I did a 1 mile warm up and cool down, and sets of .75 mile at a faster pace with .25 mile recovery in between. I did 3 sets, ran another 1.25 easy to cool down and walked .75 to finish off.

I can definitely feel the weird tweak in my hip. It's strange because it doesn't actually hurt, just is that uncomfortable twingy nerve feeling. Everything on that side feels off. But I focused on form and it seemed to really help.

My theory on running form seems to be that if you are doing every correctly, you essentially run as if you are in a tight knee length skirt. You scoot along, taking short steps, pushing off with your foot and toes keeping your hips and core engaged. When my stride lengthens it's bothers my hip, when I shorten up it's fine. Also running uphill not only makes it feel ok, it actually feels extra extra good.

Ran 5.25 miles
Walked .75 miles
Total 70 minutes

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Days off

Well technically this is my first day off. Somehow my brain equates yesterday as a day off as I skipped practice, even though I had already run.

I'm not so worried as I used to be about days off. I think there are a lot of us who feel being athletic is a fluke. Like somehow we kept having to show up to something and accidentally got physically fit. But it wasn't our natural choice. If left to our own devices we would likely sit on the couch and surf the net.

One of the encouraging changes I'm noticing though is my desire to push through the tired, the heavy, and the unwillingness to perform. I keep expecting my body to not want to run or swim or lift or whatever. But there is a significant pleasure in pushing through this and making myself do it. And then there are those days where I don't feel tired and it just goes well. Those are the days that feel like flukes.

Unfortunately if I'm going to push through the tired, like I did yesterday, I really need to focus on my form. I let my form lag and today I am paying for it with hip strain. It's not bad, not painful. But it's tight and feels off and definitely prime for injury if I don't rest, ice and stretch it.

About half of yesterday's run felt like I was just barely keeping on the treadmill. Not good form. When I'm running with good form I'm always bumping into the front of the machine.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shorter strides

I had been dilligently working on my turnover. Making sure I get those 180 plus foot falls a minute. The thing is, that it's a bit of work to move the legs like that. At least until I get used to it.

Anyways I've been slacking on it the past few weeks and today I got to experience the effects of over striding. Hip strain.

So I'm off the legs for a few days. We'll see how it goes.

Erm no fun

So I may have had a drink or two last night. I may have had a hangover this morning. It may not have helped with today's run.

It was hard to do speed work today. Like super super hard. I got on and started at my normal easy pace of 6mph and it was killing me to just keep up. There will be days like this and I can adjust my speed stuff to still get a good workout.

I know that I will not always have good days when I run. But if I push through it and still give it my all, even if it's less than normal, I can still get a good workout in. Maybe even better than a workout on a day where everything feels good.

Ran 3 miles at 6mph
Ran 2 miles at 6.5 mph
Ran 1 mile at 5.5 mph
Walked .5 miles
20 min core

Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh yeah, swimming laps

Swimming is getting better every time. My knee is still funky, but fortunately I'm only running 3 days a week so it gets plenty of rest time.

Today's pool time was an improvement. I increased the jogging and lap swim time and decreased the kick board. 10 min kick board, 25 min jog, 25 min lap swim. Now I can actually do a full set, 1 lap crawl, 1 lap backstroke, 1 lap breast stroke, without actually stopping in between. And the breathing is better, I'm not ready to die after each lap.

I came home and did another 40 min on the bike trainer and core work.

Weights 50min
Swim 1 hr
Bike 42 min

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recovery socks

So yesterdays 11.5 miler was great, but it hit the knees and shins a little hard. No big surprise. But going to work and being on my feet for the next 10 hours may not have been the best idea. Well technically I didn't have a choice about the work thing.

By the end of the night my feet and knees felt stiffer and more swollen, like when you ride on a plane for too long. So now I'm thinking I may want to invest in compression socks. I've been reading about how great they are to run in and for post run recovery. If I'm going to work after a run, this may be the thing I need. And being that I work every weekend, that pretty much guarantees that I will working after a race.

When I got home I was so amazingly exhausted and crashed. This morning, rest day, I've laid around, stretched and pretty much been useless. And I'm surprised at how great my legs, knees and shins included, feel!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

11.5 miles

I totally intended to do only 9 as my training plan indicated. But I felt good and just kept going.
It's definitely hardest on my knees and shins. But everything else seemed fine.

It was not the additional cardio effort that last week's 10 miler was. And the hills seemed to no longer be hills after about mile 4. I breathed a little harder, but muscle wise I couldn't tell the difference.

I'm going to just keep going next week too. But my goals are way less lofty than most. I'm really only looking to do 10-15 mile long runs. No marathons for me. And slowly.

Ran 11.5 miles
And kept a 10:35 pace

Friday, April 1, 2011


I think I'm getting better at swimming. It is not any easier, but it feels better. Every length of the pool I am huffing and puffing for a few before I take another lap. That gets better right?

30 min weights
50 min swim
20 core with weights

Oh I can finally do 10 whole "for reals" push ups. Not the weenies ones I've been eeking out. I still eek out a lot of those, but they seem to be helping me get to the real ones!