Monday, July 29, 2013

Why hello there!

Oh how the time does pass!
Life has been as usual a whole lotta work, a big bunch of bull, and not enough sleep.
Derby has been nil, running has been slim, weights have been slimmer, and I have been struggling to keep it all going.

But my eye is on the prize and I am but 5 weeks out from my new life. Everything changes next month (Sept) and my life will become good again!

Day shift. This is what it's all about. Right now I am on 4 nights, Fri -Mon. That means 3 nights a week, for about 2-3 hours I see that guy I married. Sometimes on the weekends between sleeping and working I may see him in passing. It's kind of lame.

I do get to spend a lot of time with the babies and this is a really good thing.

But day shift is coming. Day shift means a whole lot of things. Waking up the same time everyday. Not feeling like a zombie because I worked late at night and then got up early to take the kids to school. Getting regular sleep. Eating normally.

Day shift also mean seeing my man EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK!!!! Yes that's right.

Day shift means I won't be going back to sleep in the mornings when school starts up in the fall. Oh and did I mention my youngest will be going to school 5 half days a week? Oh yes and what will I do with that time? I will be running, I will be lifting, I will be awake and getting back into awesome shape!

And this means I won't be sacrificing one of the few nights a week I have to see my man to go to derby. This means I can go to derby, almost every week, and skate, and ref and get back to life I once new.

Oh yes my friends, the world is coming back and it's just a few short weeks away.