Monday, January 27, 2014


Oh backwards skating, how you have a eluded me! But no longer.

My life has a step stone or maybe building block system going on. I can't move forward easily without the base or the stones that come before.
I want to skate. But I need to do something with my kids. I want to do something with my kids, but we need a common activity.

And enter the world of skating. We've been going twice a week, about to become three times a week. The kids have skated about 6 times now.
Now they can skate fairly well on their own and they like it.
I get fun/exercise, they get fun/exercise and we both get an activity to do together. So nice.

Backwards skating. Same theme here. I need to be able to do transitions better. But I need to be able to handle skating backwards to do the transition and stop backwards.
The kids need help or at least encouragement skating. And I skating backwards, at first slowly as they are still getting their balance, helps to do just that. And thus the skating backwards skill is born!

I spent most of last night skating backwards. It was the best I've ever done. And a lot of time doing transitions and spinning ,slowly, in circles. And practicing stopping backwards. Apparently the kids are my key to all success.