Monday, November 28, 2011

It just wasn't working...

I tried, I really did. I thought maybe we were just in a "chill cycle". But the less and less we did the farther it went and was going no where.

So I did what works, what always works and when I thought about it, I really missed.
I rejoined the Y.

The home gym just wasn't cutting it. It's nice. It really is. But it doesn't get me working out like the Y does. Or at least the Y's 90 minutes of free child care, does.

Yeah I called up this morning, paid the bill, and took me and the baby in. It didn't take much to kick my weak-haven't seriously lifted in 3 months- ass.

Pretty happy about my decision. Even if it does cost $100, I don't have, a month.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fair weather runner

Yeah I totally wimp out when it comes to cold weather. So the runs have been sporadic and uneventful. Pretty much I've settled into knitting, drinking coffee, eating too much and staying warm.

I live in the Pacific Northwest. We are happy to have 50 degree weather most days, including summer. But dipping into the 30's is where we draw the line.

I've been doing some treadmill action and am just starting to get back into the swing of weight lifting. I'm lifting in my garage so it's a little harder to get motivated than when I was in the warm, clean gym.

It's winter. I'm fine with that.