Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Enter skate park

It was a hot day in July, we were broke and would not spend the summer in the roller rink. Whatever would we do?

Hey my children! We'll spend the time at the skate park! (yeah right?)

It was about 8 years ago I skated outdoors (aside from the flat safe tennis court). My dear friend and derby accomplice Nancy convinced me to go to Greenlake to skate. Sounds so simple.

We went to Greenlake. No I didn't cry, but I wanted to. I had just learned to skate, I had not eaten well. I was tired, hungry, scared and didn't really no how to stop much less maneuver around people on a trail. It didn't go well. Half way around I took off my skates and Nancy had to go get my car and pick me up. She was very kind about it.

Fast forward 8 years. I could fairly well skate. I never got super good. I couldn't really do transitions. I worked at them tirelessly at the roller rink. They just never clicked. I pretty much could skate forward, maneuver, t-stop, center plow, knee touch. That's it. Mediocre at best.

And now we couldn't go to the rink cause we were broke. Let's go outside!

The thought was terrifying. Yes I could skate better now but I was fairly traumatized by my last excursion. I really didn't want to go to the skate park.

The night before the dreaded park I told my daughter we would go early, before anyone else was there. Skate, fall and go home. She was pumped!

The next morning I was hoping she would totally forget about it. She didn't. She woke up, busted out to the dinning room wrapped up in a blanket exclaiming "mom you didn't wake me up!" Shit, now we would have to go.

So we went. And we didn't die. And we had fun. And we wanted to go again!

It was awesome! No I couldn't really skate on the ramps, they were terrifying! But the concrete was smooth, I could roll around them a little bit. And I really enjoyed it.

So we went again and again. Every day we went to a new park, tried out the old ones again. Everyday, sometimes twice a day. No I was not a natural, my children were, and no I couldn't do anything cool. But it felt so good to go up and down the ramps.

I started online research. Blog, videos, groups, facebook, youtube. Anything that talked about park skating, and ramps. I discovered this whole world of park skaters to feed my interests!

I looked for classes or local groups and there were none. No Chicks in Bowls were to be found in my area, and the one that actually was in my area I couldn't find online. When I did find them they were largely on pause due to the admin being in the throws of graduate school.

Then I found Elle Seven and her week long class called "Hold your Own". Which coincidentally was happening in Seattle in about two weeks time.

It's a whole new world!

Oh my blog-o-sphere friends, it has been too long!

I haven't maintained this blog, mostly because who reads blogs anymore!? But I do enjoy going back and reminiscing over the blogs of my past so maybe this is for when I'm old and infirm?

Things have changed. Last I saw you all my daughter was starting derby, I was dabbling in the strongman world and not skating a ton. Well like I said, things have changed.

Lets go back, back in time, to when goals were simpler. My dear daughter started derby, my son started derby, I started derby! What?!

My prodigal daughter took to her junior derby group like a fish to water. She is amazing! She skates like a beast, loves her team and league and skating is she wants to do.

My prodigal son took to derby slightly less like a fish to water, his league is full contact so it took a good year to decide he didn't mind being hit. Fast forward to current and this young man is a beast, loves hitting, and skates like he was born with them.

And me? Well let's just say things have improved. There is a whole skatepark chronicle I'll detail in another post, but it's made a world of difference in my skating and now I'm playing derby!! With actual hitting!!

Oh yes, things have changed.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Derby class

We had our first derby class today. I think only MhZ wasn't nervous. I felt the nerves about an hour before we left. KHz felt them on the way there. He has a harder time with stress and new situations, definitely takes after me!

M was excited and had no reservations. K had to be goaded into not giving up before he even started. We spent a few minutes filling out forms and talking over the bout the group had just skated in. It was all a bit confusing for M and K as they had no idea what anyone was talking about. Then we broke up into groups and started working on drills.

The adult group separated and I joined them. I was so very happy to find that they were working on basics that I could jump in on. We did some pack drills, which is weird, I kept wondering how hard this would be on a banked track, and I didn't realize how much talking happens in flat track. I figured the banked skaters talked as much but I guess I never noticed being so far away from them in the center field.
 It was fun and hard and sweaty. I felt good about the whole thing, challenging but not demoralizing.

At the end the kids had mixed experiences. M was ecstatic about the whole thing. That's just how she is.

K was over it and ready to quit. We had a good long talk about pursuing activities that challenge and require work. His tendency to spend hours playing video games has not encouraged him to be a go getter. But by the time we were home and settled he decided he was ok with a 4 practice mandate. If he wants to try something he needs to go 4 times before he decides he is going to quit it. It's hard to be excited when you're new and struggling.

 I get that.

Girls night out!

MhZ and I had a girls night out to our first bout together! Well technically she had been to bouts when I reffed with TTRB but she was young enough that she doesn't remember.

We watched Carnevil of Jet City vs Flash from Bellingham. M was hooked and chose her favorite skater Obi-Quiet #55.

At halftime we got her autograph on M's new Jet City hoodie.
M was super excited and I think Obi was too. It was both of their first autographs! So freaking cool. M wants to make a poster for her next game we go to. In derby skaters and fans are what it's all about!

Tomorrow is her first derby class!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Double duty

I had a double class on Thursday. Crossfit and Endurance class. This was my first back to back class and things went well.

During crossfit we worked on the clean and jerk for the strength portion. I maxed at 85lbs. I believe this is actually lower than the previous week's clean and jerk. I've been putting in a lot of extra workouts which sometimes are not giving me enough rest time. Some weeks it's no problem, but this week I was really taxed.

It's sometimes disheartening to see my numbers drop, but at this point in training it really doesn't matter. I'm not very strong so 10-15 pound differences are not that impressive but it's all relative. I of course want to lift heavy and fast. But that does not work well and is foolish. So I'll take the lighter days in stride.

After crossfit we had an endurance class, which is less intense but longer duration. We ran near mile loops with light exercises in between. I'm the slowest runner in the class, no shocker, and lagged behind everyone else making three full laps during the 40 minute period with farmer walks, ring rows and walking lunges. It felt good either way. Thankfully I am one of those rare birds who actually likes running, even though I am slow at it.

An a random side note I wore my reflective running jacket. It was dark and we run parts of it in the road. I didn't realize when I packed it that I had not actually worn it in several years. Sadly I have gained about 50lbs since I last wore it. I technically was able to zip it up, but it fit more like a crop top, on a sausage. Hot.

Comparing years

Since starting back in with weights and running, a few things have changed.

Since the demise of my athletic shape over the past 4 years I have, not surprisingly, gained weight. Quite a lot and quite annoyingly. I've found it ridiculously hard to lose any weight the past year with dieting.

Apparently the day you turn 40 your metabolism goes to shit. But I shifted focus from weight loss to muscle gain to great results! I'm realizing that while I was much trimmer, I wasn't nearly as strong as I thought I was.

I went back and viewed my blog entries during my peak excising years. My squat was at 175, I believe I was benching just barely over the bar, and deadlifting a mere 105lbs. As I recall I could push press about 45lbs and that was it. I never did the clean and jerk, I'd never heard of the snatch, and overhead anything was really just with the bar.

I remembered seeing this woman at the YMCA who was back squatting 65lbs from an over head press. I thought it was totally crazy. Little did I know about weights back then. And this was when I was taking classes at my first crossfit gym.

I think this is a good indication how crossfit boxes vary from place to place. While we did a lot of body weight and moderately weighted exercises, but very little time with us using the barbell.

I was actually one of the stronger girls in my first crossfit gym and I am one the weakest in my current gym. And that's with significant improvements from years ago. I cannot express enough how good coaches make such a difference.

Now I bench 85 at 3 reps, Deadlift 135 at 5 reps, push press 100 at 1 rep.

This revitalization of this blog will be to chronicle some of my daily ventures but primarily to track and obsess over lifting weights, getting stronger and increasing my numbers.

Oh and since dieting is off the game plan (I have a meal plan, but not a low calorie type) and I've been focused on weights I have lost weight. Its slow, consistent, and my goals are much more realistic. So there's that too!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Life is good!

Another year, or two, and new places, people and goals!

I've come back to this blog because I have something to say about all my new pursuits! I tend to be rather obsessive with my interests which translates to needing someone other than my husband to talk to about it.

What I've been doing lately; Running! Crossfit! Weightlifting and once again Derby! Well sort of.

I started back up with running a few months ago and am at my nice and boring 3-5 mile range. Slower pace than my previous running career, but it's still early on. I'm only running 2-3 times a week as it's no longer my main focus.

Crossfit! I had dabbled in crossfit before, I liked it but had different pursuits in life. Now crossfit has become a big part of my daily life. I'm going 4-5 days a week and doing great. 
I am extremely lucky to have a remarkable group of trainers. They strongly focus on weight lifting and in particular Olympic lifts. This is different than the previous gym in that they did not focus on lifting nearly  as much.
With the new crossfit gym my lifts have far surpassed any of the lifting I did several years ago and has cemented my love for weights.

In addition to crossfit I attend a local gym to get in more weight lifting time focusing on powerlifting. I loves it!

And finally Derby has come back around. The kids have finally expressed an interest in derby! We have been skating off and on, more on lately, and are starting a drop in derby class this Sunday! Whoop whoop!! I'm hoping to get more skating in and help out as a referee. Pretty much reffing for my children's derby league is the end all be all of my derby existence.

It's soo good to be back in obsession land!