Monday, July 25, 2011

Humid run

It was a deluge today, then it stopped for about an hour so I could run, then it rained again.
I actually really like running in the humidity.

5 miles

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weights and the hubby

Did a short weights workout with my man in the home gym! Boy is he out of shape.

Weights 45 min

Friday, July 22, 2011

5 miles

Yes I an finally back up to 5 miles. Only took 6 weeks of getting past the crazy weightlifting soreness.

Still not timing myself, but I felt pretty fast.

ran 5 miles.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weights weights weights

weights, run, skate, weights, run, skate

story of my life.

80 min weights

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4 again

It is amazing how quickly my body gets used to running less. I'm doing 4 miles now and it's still a challenge on the last mile. Granted the last mile is all up hill. But whatever.

I'm working on a loop that goes by my son's school. So we'll be able to run to school in the mornings! Yeah!

Over the next month I'm going to start bringing the running stroller. That part will be very challenging.

4 miles

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Easy gym

I go through phases where I don't want to workout. Shocking, I know. But I use this time to do light workouts and feel good I'm still moving.

Gym today. Weights. I've decided to pretty much do the whole thing in the weights area. Not much of floor work impresses me these days.

Did way heavier on the lower back lifts and tried out the back up thingy with a weight. You know the thing that is like a sit up bench but for your back? Totally killed it. And I did a really great abs routine on the ab bench.

Weights 80 min.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Easy run

Went for a short 4 mile run. One of my goals, which I am still working on, is to stop timing my runs and stop weighing myself. Ermm. Yeah. Those are strangely difficult to do.

But so far today I've managed to do both.

Ran 4 miles. and it was nice!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I need sore...

I've been pushing hard at the gym... but maybe not hard enough. I haven't been sore in weeks!

1hr 15 min weights

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Low carb running is hard

So I've been really good on my low carb pursuits, but man does it make the whole running thing hard.

I'm trying to be realistic and reevaluate my goals. My minimum run is 3 miles. I try to walk several more miles on top of that. And I'm finding while it's really hard to do post weights workout, I'm kinda liking it.

I've been running almost everyday for the past week. So my total mileage per week has been about the same, just more spread out.

Ran 3 miles, walked 2 miles.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Derby names and slackin!

First of all, I'm thinking of changing my derby name. I love the whole Geek thing. And I will always be happy to be called a geek. But Geek 3000 is really very reminiscent of a more awkward and well.. doughier time.

My husband has never embraced the name, partly because he associated it with me staying up late watching weird movies that put him to sleep. And because he never felt it was a positive name. I like being geeky and probably always will. But this is definitely a new chapter in my life.

Yesterday I was supposed to run. Speed workout. Strangely I was looking forward to it. But it never happened. The teen I take care of left early yesterday and wasn't here long enough for me to do the workout with the little kids being watched.

Anyways I've been regretting it ever since. Lame.

But today's weight workout was great as usual!

Weights 90 min

Monday, July 11, 2011

Best workout ever!

Went to the gym with no kids! Did a full 90 minutes of heavy weights! Pushed super hard and did super great!!!

Got home and went for my post weights shorty run. Did great! Made a full 3.3 miles this time and did great on time! Walked another .75 mile home.

Hoping to make the loop by next week!

Tomorrow is a speed workout. More miles and much faster!

4.04 miles
90 min weights

Some bout photos!

Geek 3000 yo!

Lot's of spills!

Sophisticated hand signals

Very important discussions

Lot's of thumbs

And lots of action!

Photos courtesy of Danny Ngan and Jason Garland!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bouts and runs!

Ran a bit yesterday, then off to the bout!

It went so incredibly well. It was absolutely my best skating, best penalty calling, best everything! The learning curve has been steep and a hard climb but we are really getting it!

It was sooo cool too when they introduced the refs and they said my name.... a whole bunch of people cheered!! Yep pretty much that was the best part of my night! Fans and friends are the best part of derby for sure!

I pack reffed one bout, which by the way was my first pack reffing in a bout. Actually I've only pack reffed 2 scrimmages prior so it was a challenge! I've decided I really really like it though! Then I jam reffed the second.

Oh by the way my new wheels, Poisons, were freaking awesome. They have a little drag so I had to work just a smidge harder, but boy are they worth it! I stuck like glue and felt soo much faster for it. Feeling in control is a really good feeling.

Thank you to everyone who came out! And next bout is the championships so come see us! I won't be working afterwards so I'll get to say hi to everyone afterwards!

Ran 3 miles yesterday
Skated 3 hours last night
Ran 3 miles today!

Friday, July 8, 2011

So nice

Ran yesterday for a little over 5 miles. Such a nice run! Today was the gym and lots of cool new exercises. Then I decided to run the dog for a couple of miles. Well tried to run, halfway walked!

1hr 20min weights
45 min run-ish

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So I had my nice rest day on Saturday. Ran on Sunday... Ermmm Monday and Tuesday? May have been spent getting rather drunk and then hungover respectively.

New day!
Gym weights workout! Yeah! Love using the squat rack. Finally went over to the bench press, and yes I benched the bar. No weights, just bar. I think I could have put more weight on, but I'm kind of getting used to it.

Did more pullups today too! I'm really working on pullups and pushups. Those are both exercises that I can just barely do and not correctly. No dead hang with the pull up unless I have assistance and the pushups still don't touch the ground, but whatever.

We got an ab tower off of craigslist. Totally worth the $60 and 30 min drive. It has a pull up bar with various positions and a dip bar. We hooked up the exercise bands to it so I can do a dead hang pull up. I have a goal, now I can get working!

1hr 15min weights

Friday, July 1, 2011

bike sort a

My plan is to start incorporating an hour of biking post weights workouts. Well today I eeked out 30 min post weights. Half way there!

And we're buying an ab tower from craigslist. $60 for pull ups, chin ups, dips, and ab thingys. Yeah!

1hr 10 min total body weights
30 min bike