Monday, November 28, 2011

It just wasn't working...

I tried, I really did. I thought maybe we were just in a "chill cycle". But the less and less we did the farther it went and was going no where.

So I did what works, what always works and when I thought about it, I really missed.
I rejoined the Y.

The home gym just wasn't cutting it. It's nice. It really is. But it doesn't get me working out like the Y does. Or at least the Y's 90 minutes of free child care, does.

Yeah I called up this morning, paid the bill, and took me and the baby in. It didn't take much to kick my weak-haven't seriously lifted in 3 months- ass.

Pretty happy about my decision. Even if it does cost $100, I don't have, a month.


  1. OMG!!! $100 a month?! That is highway robbery :( I thought our $112/month for the two of us was bad...sheesh :(

  2. I could go to a cheaper place, but the free 90 minutes of childcare makes it worth it!