Friday, May 21, 2010

Week 13 A long road to haul

So I haven't posted much the past week. Basically I have reached level that feels really good and I'm taking a little bit of a break.

The break technically isn't so much of a break as I'm not pushing extra hard. I'm still doing the same stuff but I'm trying to do lighter exercise on days I have practice. And often if I have practice I don't go to open skate that night.

I wanted to take a week or two off from the heavy push to give my body and mind a break. Now that I'm starting to feel less exhausted I'm working on more specific goals. Like stride.

I have been very slow up til now and with a better focused stride I am much faster. I never really felt all four wheels when I pushed. Now I can feel the increased friction due to proper pushing. With the additional speed I have to get lower to feel stable.

Then there are my crossovers. While I've been technically been crossing over I haven't really been using the power of the inside leg when it pushes. After a practice where my head ref spent time working with me, I can now see where I am and where I need to go.

So it's all about speed and form, crossovers and transitions. If you're going to go fast you need to be able to stop quick too.

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