Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Much better

I was starting to sink into runner super slackerdom. You know when you get into a running routine, it's not very hard so you don't really push.

Yeah the running with the kids thing has gotten pretty easy. I had further slacked by only running to school in the morning and picking up Koz in the afternoon in the car. For good reason, hanging around in sweaty running tights on chilly days is not so nice.

Running 2.5 miles to school, walking home with the baby girl and then hitting another 2.5 on the treadmill should be fine right? 5 miles is a nice round number. But I wasn't really pushing and after a week or two there is no improvement.

Though today, my friends, it was a new day. Yes today I actually ran home. So with one child in the stroller and taking on all the hills I made the full 4 mile loop. It's actually like 4.18 miles but Mez wanted to "balance" on the curb for a couple blocks. And I walked the super short but steep half block hill.

Did the last mile on the treadmill.

Nice day.


  1. Nice job pushing yourself! I'm VERY lazy,so once I get into a comfy place with running, it's hard to push beyond that comfy zone!

    Thanks for the comment on my transition from BM to formula! It's nice when fellow moms are supportive of one another and not judgemental.

    I ascribe to whole "breast is best," but I also think that no one climbed a bell tower because Mom gave them formula. However, some people are fanatic about the boobmilk, so I sometimes hesitate to bring up such matters on the blog. Still, I DO bring it up because, well, I bring up everything in my life! :)

  2. Definitely sounds like a great day!!! I always have to follow a program that lays out my weight increases for me so I don't let myself get lazy. WAY too easy to get comfy!