Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 24 Support System

I'm not close to my family. I would never call them for comfort or need. I have friends from before derby but not many I really talk to.

When I joined derby part of it was to make friends. Have some social time. Get a new skill and get some good workouts.

I figured I would make friends and I figured I would have people to go and spend time with. What I didn't figure was that I would find a support system. People I could call and be with when I needed them.

Well last night that time came. My friend and league mate was hurt falling from a roof. She sustained brain injuries and now is in the ICU. She is one of those friends who while I feel is totally out of my league, she still would hang out with me at a moments notice.

Harry is just a good person, ready to be your friend and hang out. She's the kind of person you want to have in your life. She's good and funny and I'm pretty sure all of us love her.

But now she is hurt and the rest of us are hurting too.

We are not all super close. We are not all best friends. But we all hang out together. We have little groups that are close that are connected to the other little groups. We fight and annoy each other, but we manage to be a pretty powerful group of people that stick together.

Before derby I would not have had the support to deal with Harry's situation. I would have been on my own, feeling all the worse for it.

But now I have derby sisters. We don't all pinky swear, or share all our most intimate secrets. But we know when to pull together and be the support that each of us needs.

And right now I need that.


  1. Oh, I was wondering what happened. I hope that good news comes soon.

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend. My girlfriend had a brain aneurysm about 16 years ago. She's really doing great. You have to be patient during the healing process. It will make you a better friend and human for walking with her.

    Peace Cynthia