Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 24 Working through the pain

Tonight I went to do stats with Rat City. I've been in a fog the past few days over my league mate and I had some concerns about participating in derby today.

So I'm thinking it's something like any injury. You get hurt, you rest, you feel the pain. But if you do your therapy and get back to working hard again, you not only work through the pain, you're stronger for it.

I did my thing. I watched the actions for and against. I talked to my fellow stats people. I watched beautifully executed derby.

And it felt good. It felt good using my brain, being focused, being in the moment and doing what I do well.

I've had concerns about what practice will be like next week. We had a week off coincidentally after the accident. I think this was good. People need to freak out and break down. Sit with the reality of what's happening before they can go back to work and practice.

So next week when we get back to practice we will have rested. We will have felt the pain. And while the pain will still be there, we will probably cry, and we will feel empty and betraying by skating. We will feel better because we have begun the work to work through the pain.

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