Friday, August 3, 2012

That went by quick!

It's been a whirlwind couple of months and here we are already in August. Where have I  been? Where haven't I?

Here's a recap:

Surgery!  The lump on my next was a benign thyroid cyst. Sadly it blew up and made it difficult for me to swallow solid food. Lame! They drained it, gross, then it came back a few hours later, and the docs decided it would get the axe. In for surgery and out on bed rest for a week.

Running. Not much with the lump and surgery. I'm finally able to get back to running with all the time off. I'm sadly back just this week and it's a slow slow process. Like I'm up to 1.6 miles. I'm adding .4 (the loop in front of my house) to each day until 2 miles and then will increase a full mile each wee,k to give me time to readjust. I want to get back to 5 miles 3-4 times a week by the end of August.

Derby. I had to skip out on a game due to recovery and I had to work! I missed two full weeks of work. No bueno paychecks. But's coming along. We have our championship bout in three weeks and I have to say I'll be glad for a break. Last year we still had bouts on our off season and this year we will not.

Work. I've been working 4 shifts a week. Which is pretty brutal with having little kids. I work the night shift and get off anywhere between 2am and 5am. And my shifts are opposite my husband. So we have no days off together and see very little of each other otherwise. It kind of sucks. But starting this week I go back to 3 nights a week which means I'll have 2 days off a month with my man!

Kids. They've been serious troopers. Letting me chill while I recover from surgery and letting me sleep in on the mornings after my night shifts. Summer is quickly coming to an end, which I will very much miss. But the school year will have it's own benefits.

Crafts. I finished a few sweaters that were in perma-freeze during my recovery. They turned out awesome and I'm working on a few more already.

Cooking. Has been coming along. Trying to cook real food that the kids will eat is not always easy with my work schedule. I think I'm doing well when I make dessert a couple of times a week. Good benchmark!

That's pretty much been life lately. I'm going to try and start sharing photos more and make the blog a bit more interesting. Thanks for tuning in!

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  1. You're back!!!!!!! :D

    Cute sweaters!! I wish I was crafty :/ I tried to teach myself to knit once (well, honestly, a couple of times) & I have no idea what I did wrong but it just did not work. At all.