Monday, April 22, 2013

I love a good plan!

Four miles again today and I think I'm hitting a pattern! Now I just need a plan. Everyone loves a training plan. And a training plan that gets you back towards the great shape you used to be in is the best.

Running. This is my biggest push right now. I need the endurance, I need the negative calories, and I really need to feel my body move. Once I'm back to regular 5 and 10 mile runs I'll be happy. Until then the push to meet my spring challenge is really important. I know I won't make the frequency part of the challenge. But I know I can make easy 5 mile runs by next month.

Weights will be slow for a while. Right now a weights session renders me incapable of walking normally much less running. While I'm focused on the running, weights will only be once a week and on Fridays. I start my work weekend that day and trying to do anything active while working is pretty difficult. I can hobble around work and rest up to get back to running by Monday or Tuesday.

Skating. Wednesday nights with my babies! The kids are being indoctrinated to the life of the roller rink. Thankfully they don't need me to hold their hands anymore so we all get to go out and have fun! I'm focusing on spins, transitions, skating backwards and turn around toe stops. This is my biggest challenge on my fourth year of skating. Time to finally get this shit figured out.

Food. I'm so back and forth about this part. I'd like to lose a bit, get back into most of my clothes. But I'm not sure how far I want to go, or how strict I want to be. Eating paleo-esque always seems to be a good choice, and maybe add in some brown rice or whole grain items from time to time. I'm trying a new route with food this time around and it is once again foreign territory.

And thankfully summer is coming, which makes all of the above a lot easier. Biggest goals is to keep it going through winter.

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