Friday, December 27, 2013

the long path home

And as usual the easy 'won't it all be great when?' bit didn't really happen. Life did not work out how I wanted it too. New curve balls were thrown and my plans did not pan out. A few things did happen.

 I quit my league. That was hard, technically I'm still a volunteer, but I'm fairly well retired. Its not the same as before and with my derby spouse retiring I just can't see going back. But there are always needs for refs in the req leagues and I will likely find myself there sooner or later.

For right now I'm just working on getting back into shape. I've been dreaming about skating lately. How amazing it feels, how easy the transitions are in my dreams. Soon we'll be back at the rink, skating and socializing. It's only a matter of time before the reffing comes back.

My brother in law has moved in with us. He has schizophrenia and needs to live with family. It's a good change but not without complications. But he helps out where he can and one aspect  which I foresee to be very important is that he likes to go to the gym. Which means I go to the gym. This is a good thing.

I've been running daily, lifting weights  couple of times a week. I feel it all coming back. The drive. My runs are still short and slow, but they are daily. My lifts are light but get heavier each time. It's a long road back, but I've started and the good stuff is not so far away.

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