Monday, August 22, 2011

This week

Monday: Back at it and sore as hell! Saturday's crossfit seriously trashed my legs and butt. Today I ran 4.5 miles, weights for 1 hr, and another crossfit class! This time my class lasted longer than 15 min!

Tuesday: Ran 5 miles, skipped the gym cause I'm freakin tired! Ran another 2.2 miles walked another 2 miles.

Wednesday: Ran miles the 4 hardest miles of my life! I cannot believe how tired and sore I am! Crossfit class tonight is going to interesting and yes I am totally skipping the gym today.

Thursday: Ran miles 5 miles, felt soooo much better! walked another 1.5 miles.

Friday: Rest day, and off to work!

Saturday: Crossfit class and more work.

Sunday: Ran 3 miles with Mez in the stroller. Walked another 2.5 home after breakfast. Perfect! Did another 4 miles this afternoon. And they were freakin fast! I think I may need to take the next day or two off though. My knees, shins and feet are super sore.

Weekly Totals:

Run: 27.7 miles
Walk: 5.5 miles

Total miles: 33.2

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