Monday, August 15, 2011

New routine

I'm getting ready for my son to start kindergarten and that means a new training schedule!
I'll be running him to school in the morning and getting used to the whole jogging stroller is pretty tough. So a lot more running is planned for the next month!

Sunday: Run with stroller, made it 3.25 miles and walked the rest. Yeah and there was only one kid in it! I'll be pushing two!

Monday: Ran the same 4 mile loop sans kids, walked just for a few minutes of it but did fine in 40 minutes. Weights, fairly light, 1 hour. Crossfit class 1 hour though it was mostly just orientation so like 15 min of actual workout.

Tuesday: Run 4 miles (still had to walk a little of it), weights 75 minutes

Wednesday: Run 4 miles (yeah some walking, less this time) with 2 kids and stroller, weight 75 minutes, Crossfit class 1 hr, still only 14 minutes of actual workout. Though I am learning some really great technique details I previously had been muscling through.

Thursday: Run 5.5 miles and walked another 2.65 with two kids in the stroller. We ran 2.8 miles to the bakery, then had lunch, then ran another 3ish miles, then walked to the playground and then walked home. Taking the break in between runs was kind of nice, but it would have been nice to just do it all at once. The whole kid thing makes for lots of interruptions though.

Friday: Run 5 miles, go home and deliberate going to the gym. Decided to say fuck it and went for another run instead. 4 miles, and yes I walked probably .25 miles of it. I'm just loving how my legs feel!

Saturday: Stayed in bed with the hubs so no run in the morning. Did crossfit class 1 hr total workout only 12 minutes though... What's up with that? I'm sure once I get to the actual classes it will be longer and I'll be missing the shorter workouts.

Sunday: Rest! Had a bout last night, it went great! And now I am freakin wiped out!

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