Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week is done!

Well today would normally be a run day, but the man is working and I got both kids. I'll do my final run for the week tomorrow.

I'm ramping up the weight training by doing 3 days in a row, Mon, Tues, Wed, run on Thurs, weights Fri and run on Sat. (or Sunday as the case may be).
Mondays I run after the weight workout.

This has upped the weights to four days a week and I think it's paying off. Running has been much stronger. Still an effort cardio wise, but the legs feel awesome!

I've upped a lot of the weights.
Deadlifts are at 110lb
Squats are at 185lb
Still sucking at benching and the arms weights. I have weenie arms.

Ran 5.75 miles at a 9.32 pace yesterday and totally thought I was running at an 11 pace. How weird is that?!

Anyways. Good week!

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