Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cold and beautiful

One of my favorite parts of living in the PNW is our falls. We get our bouts of rain, which I like too, but there is a lot of cold, crisp and beautiful sunny days.

Today was just that and perfect for running. Legs are improving every week. It's weird because now I often feel like I haven't worked out at all. I think I may need to start upping the miles and intensity.

The run to school was 2.5 miles with both kids in the stroller at a 9.2 pace. That's definitely the fastest I've run with both of them. My goal is to start adding more running on the way home. So far I did another .5 miles back uphill towards my house. I'll hopefully do this on both trips. Then slowly add another .25 mile here and there until I'm running the whole thing. How cool would that be?

One of my methods for adding on mileage is to slow down. I figure I can run just about any distance if I go slow enough, and I'm really not tracking time anyways.

Well I did the second leg of my kids to/from school run. I ran the 2.5 with one kid in the stroller in 21.30. Yeah, that's a 8.20 pace. F*ck yeah! And being a little tired from that, I elected to walk the rest home.

Loving it

5.5 miles run
2.79 walked
8.29 total


  1. WOW 8:20 pace! That is AWESOME!!! Especially with two kids in a stroller -- wow. Geez.

    PS: I'm Irish too! Not that I look all.

  2. Actually the 8.20 pace was with just one kid. And too be fair the majority of this route is downhill with a few short uphills. But who cares! That freakin stroller is heavy!