Monday, September 12, 2011

School's starting!

This is the week I've been training for! School!

The plan for each day is to run 2.5 miles to school, walk or run home, hang out and then run another 2.5 back to school, and definitely walk home. (two kids in the stroller on the way home!)

I'm hitting a crossfit class today, one this week during the evening and again on Saturday. And there may be another longer run or two sometime during the week. I'm very excited to get my run on!

Sun: Duplicate from yesterday but mapmyrun does Sun-Sat and counts better than me. So yesterday had a 5.58 mile run .58 mile walk

Mon: Crossfit. and that's it.

Tues: 8.29 miles! 6 total run, and 2.29 walked. Broken up into 2.5 miles to school twice and 1.65 miles home twice! Run there and run part of the way back. My pace on the 2.5 too school was first 10.0 with both kids then 8.8 with one kid. Hells yeah!

Wed: 9.29 miles! 6.5 total run, and 2.69 walked. Same deal two loops of 4.63 miles.

Thurs: 8.29 miles. Ran 5 total and walked 3.39. A little sore today!

Fri: Well I can't say I'm surprised. I'm sick. First week of school stress was bound to do that. I spent the night with horrible painful body aches, and the GI tract has decided everything needs to jump ship. I don't actually feel tired though. But I am going to take it easy today as I'm working tonight. So driving to school. Happy Friday?

Sat: Still sick

Sun: Still sick.....

Well the end of the week did not go as planned. I called in sick on Saturday night and it was a really good thing. I've the past 17 hours and feel much better. Hoping to be back in the running swing tomorrow.

Total miles for this week are still good though!
Run: 23.08
Walk: 8.48
Total: 31.56

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