Monday, September 5, 2011

By the numbers

Mon: Great run! 8.32 miles 10.32 pace.
Knees a smidge sore but the cardio part has finally kicked back in. If you asked any part of my body above my knees it would have said keep running! The knees were not on board.
Good run anyways. Was really hoping for a sub 10 but as this is the longest run I've done in a couple of months, I'll take it!

Tues: Ran 3.8 miles and man was it hard! Walked another 3ish miles. I this is a recovery day from yesterday's long run. Oh how quickly 8 miles became a long run! Crossfit. Knees are sore!

Wed: Ran 3 or 4 miles of a 12.35 walk with the kids. Not sure how much I actually ran, but man I am beat!

Thurs: Crossfit and I'm feeling like I'm done for the day.

Fri: Today was a bust. Got a flat on the stroller and worked the night shift so no run for me. Lame.

Sat: Got the wheel fixed! Did a short and sweet 3.5 mile run plus 2.11 mile walk home.

Sun: Ran 5ish miles walked another .5

Total:38.65 miles
Run: 24.65 miles
Walk: 14 miles

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