Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in action

Well I'm back to fairy normal after a weekend of flu/stomach flu fun. My appetite is crap so I'm running slower than usual and it's harder. But it's tolerable and I've never been one to be slim on appetite for long.

With the new school schedule I am finding it increasing difficult to make the crossfit classes. We are looking at cutting back my hours at work as well. So I may be dropping Crossfit to save time and money, but happily working a shorter schedule. I am sooo totally ok with this. I had no idea when school started how difficult and taxing 5 days a week school would be. Freakin crazy! And I'm not even the one in school!

Sunday: Slept for like 17 hours and then slept some more.

Monday: Ran 5 miles and walked 3.29 for a 8.29 total

Tuesday: Stayed home with the sick kid! He started puking and crapping at 3am and did not stop til after 7am. Call this one a rest day.

Wednesday: Ran 5 miles and walked .5. Still home with the sick kid, but fortunately we have a treadmill!

Thursday: Ran 5.5 miles and walked 2.79 for a 8.29 total. Are the kids better? Of course not, Koz puked like a gallon all over the couch. And Meza has joined in with the every 30 minute diarrhea. Awesome!

Friday: Nothing today. Not only was it another sick day, the kids still puking and crapping, I strained something in my neck and the spent the morning in paralyzing pain. How freakin lame! Off to work tonight. But it looks like my schedule will change in October and I'll be able to work one day shift from now on. No more nights! And it's only one shift a week. What a freakin relief that will be!

Saturday: So this whole neck thing is bullshit! It's loads better from yesterday, but I still have a lot of pain and can't move normally. I want to run and do my usual day! Sucko. Man I hope tomorrow is better!

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