Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm gonna walk

Today is an optional walk day and I'm taking it. So we'll take the shorter route and only do a 4.5 miles round trip.

I'm feeling a little stressed with work tonight. One of my co-workers was laid off under questionable circumstances. I think I'll be fine, but my position is definitely a potential issue.

I only work part time and have had to recently cut back my hours further due to the ridiculous schedule my kids have with school. If I were to be laid off it would be ok, but I prefer to get a regular paycheck even if it's a small one. And I really couldn't complain if the company needs my shift to accommodate someone full time.

So tonight may be a lay off night. Who knows. It may be fine, but it still worries me. I hate not knowing. Even if I am laid off, I'll still stay on for relief. That's always given me plenty of shifts, just less dependable.

1 comment:

  1. Yeesh. Stressy. :( I'm sorry! I definitely think a nice long walk is a great way to deal with that though.