Monday, September 26, 2011

Rain rain rain

Classic fall in the Pacific Northwest. Rain, steady, for real, not drizzle, straight up rain.
Perfect for running!

I really enjoy running in the rain, even though it feels like my raincoat is soaking through.

Oh and you know what is super awesome? I got a new raincoat for running. One of those super light, water wicking, la la la kind. It has a pocket you can stuff the whole thing in and zip up. Makes the whole thing about the size of my hand.

Yeah well I showed how cool it was to my husband, set it down somewhere and now I can't find it. Yeah awesome. How cool is it that it compacts so small now?

Did the school loop. Run 2.5 miles with two kids in the stroller to school. Walked with one kid back home another 1.64 miles. Was going to repeat this 2 hours later for a total of 5 miles run and 3.29 miles walked but we decided to drive and go for lunch. It's awesome. I love it!

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