Sunday, February 21, 2016

Derby class

We had our first derby class today. I think only MhZ wasn't nervous. I felt the nerves about an hour before we left. KHz felt them on the way there. He has a harder time with stress and new situations, definitely takes after me!

M was excited and had no reservations. K had to be goaded into not giving up before he even started. We spent a few minutes filling out forms and talking over the bout the group had just skated in. It was all a bit confusing for M and K as they had no idea what anyone was talking about. Then we broke up into groups and started working on drills.

The adult group separated and I joined them. I was so very happy to find that they were working on basics that I could jump in on. We did some pack drills, which is weird, I kept wondering how hard this would be on a banked track, and I didn't realize how much talking happens in flat track. I figured the banked skaters talked as much but I guess I never noticed being so far away from them in the center field.
 It was fun and hard and sweaty. I felt good about the whole thing, challenging but not demoralizing.

At the end the kids had mixed experiences. M was ecstatic about the whole thing. That's just how she is.

K was over it and ready to quit. We had a good long talk about pursuing activities that challenge and require work. His tendency to spend hours playing video games has not encouraged him to be a go getter. But by the time we were home and settled he decided he was ok with a 4 practice mandate. If he wants to try something he needs to go 4 times before he decides he is going to quit it. It's hard to be excited when you're new and struggling.

 I get that.

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