Thursday, July 1, 2010

Week 18 Making the transition

So we've been skating as a flat track league. This makes sense as we have no banked track and the other leagues around here are all flat track. And it's likely there will always be some residual flat track action so that we can competently bout with the flat track leagues from time to time.

In terms of players flat track to banked is not hugely different. Yes the physical aspect is, but the penalties are similar with minor differences involving swimming and whatnot.

What is significantly different is how the game is run. For some people they may not like it as much. There is no crazy outside pack ref careening through, constantly on the edge of wild hitting women and the crowd a few feet away.

Also in banked track there is much more space for the inside team to move in. Granted banked has a lot more going on in the infield, but the amount of skating space is much larger and there is less of the congo line effect with the refs. This makes the super hairball tight skating "slightly" less of an issue.

This is cool for those of us still working on our skills. While we will always need to work towards improving our skills, there are less obstacles in our way to get there! I think what are my favorite changes are the differences that will come to the ref/nso group.

When I met the reffing groups in San Diego, I was struck by the cohesion and camaraderie of the groups. The ref positions are so much more integrated that the tightness of the individuals was almost palpable. They had their shit together and it showed.

Right now our two groups, and they are definitely two groups, are fairly aloof. This is going change, even before we go banked track. I've always liked both groups and all the positions but I am looking forward to us being a cohesive unit that works and plays together.

The changes going to banked track are going to shake things up and mostly in a really cool way.

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