Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week 19 Some reality

Yeah I'm still on the lose some weight track.

You see I had some babies and got like super fucking fat. The whole please try to gain some weight card was sorely overused.

I got an 80 extra, and I've kicked 35, but I am really looking forward to having my old body back. Even just having my old face back. With the extra pounds I look like my grandmother, and I'm not digging it.

Anyways the suckage about dieting is that you eat significantly less, and have significantly less energy. So today at practice, day 2 of diet, I could barely keep skating. I thought I was going to puke like every 5 minutes. It sucked, but whatever.

There aren't that many practices this week so it's cool. I planned to start the diet during a slow week so I wouldn't suck ass every time. But la la la, in a few days I should be used to it and back to a somewhat fighting self.

This whole getting in shape thing is a bitch!

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