Friday, July 2, 2010

Week 19 Making friends

Well there are certainly a lot of people who join derby to make friends in addition to all the wonderful things that come with skating. I am one of those people.

I have two children and a husband so technically my "socializing needs" box is checked, but it's nice to have more friends. Over this experience I've actually met a lot of really nice people and even reconnected with a few old friends.

I used to always make friends through work and that can be problematic. If you are too social sometimes your less-than-professional quirks can come back to haunt you. Also someone who seems to be a friend at work may only be socializing because they enjoy it more than doing their job.

Enter roller derby.

When I was younger it was easy to get hot and heavy with a few people, blow my social wad and feel the drunk nights remorse. But being older and not actually requiring a social scene, being married with children you have a built in social life, I can actually enjoy the process of slowly getting to know people.

At this point I've hung out one on one and in groups with quite a few of the derby people and am little surprised at how much I really like them.

It's nice having some new friends.

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