Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week 27 Starting Over

So this has been a crazy month. With the vacation, the bout, Harry, and general restructuring of our group, there has not been much skating. Actually there has not been much of anything.

This has kind of been a hiatus month for us. We took a week off and then only had a few practices anyways.

Our ref group is pretty big for a new league and we are looking to get organized. We're trying to figure out the best strategy, ie the flat track method of a Head Ref in charge of everything, or by breaking it up in multiple people taking charge of different aspects running the organization.

I'd like to think I know what is the best way to run the ref group. But I don't and we won't know what works until we try it.

So that has been draining, frustrating, exciting and generally taking up a lot of time.

Then there is the switch to banked track. We don't have the track yet, but that won't stop us! We are learning the positions for banked reffing. Everyone was a bit freaked out, but once we got into, it really was easy.

We took about 45 minutes talking through the flow of information and everyone had at least a cursory knowledge of how banked runs. It was great!

We'll have another practice on Monday, that hopefully will key in the new information even stronger.

Now I just have to get back on skates.

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