Sunday, September 19, 2010

Month 7 Back in the saddle

I started this journey with tennis courts, hallways and all ages open skates.

Well it's rainy fall so the tennis court is out of the question. And the hallway is a little too small these days. But there is always room for the open skate!

Took the kids and hubby to open skate today. We each took a turn with the kids. They made it one lap and were over it. And then David and I took turns skating while the other watched the kids.

I use the time skating with so many children as time to work on speeding and slowing, dodging and skating low and slow. It really is a good workout.

I lasted much longer than I did at last nights practice. I love how each day is a significant improvement at this stage.

If you ever have to take time off from derby due to injury or just life, don't worry. When you come back the catch up time is quick and honestly you may find you are a lot better than when you stopped.

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