Saturday, September 18, 2010

Month 7 Starting over, again.

So it's official. I have been skating for 6 full months and am now starting my 7th.

Things I have learned are; how to skate, somewhat fast (for me), ok crossovers and semi ok reffing skills.

The past two months have been crap for me doing consistent skating and my endurance has tanked. Also I've been crazy diet person and lost a bunch of weight (yeah!) but have lost strength because of it. Losing weight is hard work!

Anyways so today is my first real day back on skates. I've been to a few practices here and there, but my heart ache and frustrations have really taken their toll.

I felt like I did back when I would start working out. My lungs would hurt and my glands would salivate. My muscles felt weak but not tired. I would do a few pretty fast laps and be totally winded. My body is relearning how to use that oxygen and carbs.

But from here it really only takes a few short weeks of pushing to get back to where I was. And I still have the advantage of being a better skater, so it's really not back where I was.

So the plan, with the blessings of my family, is to spend the next few weeks hitting a lot of practices and open skates. I just need hours on wheels. Some people start out in good shape and get better. I haven't been in good shape in years so it slips away very quickly.

Anyways. Back on track. Again.

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