Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm gonna walk

Today is an optional walk day and I'm taking it. So we'll take the shorter route and only do a 4.5 miles round trip.

I'm feeling a little stressed with work tonight. One of my co-workers was laid off under questionable circumstances. I think I'll be fine, but my position is definitely a potential issue.

I only work part time and have had to recently cut back my hours further due to the ridiculous schedule my kids have with school. If I were to be laid off it would be ok, but I prefer to get a regular paycheck even if it's a small one. And I really couldn't complain if the company needs my shift to accommodate someone full time.

So tonight may be a lay off night. Who knows. It may be fine, but it still worries me. I hate not knowing. Even if I am laid off, I'll still stay on for relief. That's always given me plenty of shifts, just less dependable.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

4 days straight!

So last week and the week before I only ran the kids to school 3 out of 5 days. And technically on Monday I only ran half the loop. But I'm on day 4 and doing well. Though I will say I didn't seem to have any power in my legs this morning.

And I've decided to make Friday a day off option day. But honestly it's nicer to run, makes it go faster!

Even with the weakling legs I still managed a respectable 10 min pace. Pretty much if I'm not pushing hard I make 10 each time. Which I am completely ok with that. The fact that I keep going each morning is still impressing the hell out of myself!

But another beautiful day and another 8.29 miles, 5.5 run and the rest walked.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cold and beautiful

One of my favorite parts of living in the PNW is our falls. We get our bouts of rain, which I like too, but there is a lot of cold, crisp and beautiful sunny days.

Today was just that and perfect for running. Legs are improving every week. It's weird because now I often feel like I haven't worked out at all. I think I may need to start upping the miles and intensity.

The run to school was 2.5 miles with both kids in the stroller at a 9.2 pace. That's definitely the fastest I've run with both of them. My goal is to start adding more running on the way home. So far I did another .5 miles back uphill towards my house. I'll hopefully do this on both trips. Then slowly add another .25 mile here and there until I'm running the whole thing. How cool would that be?

One of my methods for adding on mileage is to slow down. I figure I can run just about any distance if I go slow enough, and I'm really not tracking time anyways.

Well I did the second leg of my kids to/from school run. I ran the 2.5 with one kid in the stroller in 21.30. Yeah, that's a 8.20 pace. F*ck yeah! And being a little tired from that, I elected to walk the rest home.

Loving it

5.5 miles run
2.79 walked
8.29 total

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rain rain rain

Classic fall in the Pacific Northwest. Rain, steady, for real, not drizzle, straight up rain.
Perfect for running!

I really enjoy running in the rain, even though it feels like my raincoat is soaking through.

Oh and you know what is super awesome? I got a new raincoat for running. One of those super light, water wicking, la la la kind. It has a pocket you can stuff the whole thing in and zip up. Makes the whole thing about the size of my hand.

Yeah well I showed how cool it was to my husband, set it down somewhere and now I can't find it. Yeah awesome. How cool is it that it compacts so small now?

Did the school loop. Run 2.5 miles with two kids in the stroller to school. Walked with one kid back home another 1.64 miles. Was going to repeat this 2 hours later for a total of 5 miles run and 3.29 miles walked but we decided to drive and go for lunch. It's awesome. I love it!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in action

Well I'm back to fairy normal after a weekend of flu/stomach flu fun. My appetite is crap so I'm running slower than usual and it's harder. But it's tolerable and I've never been one to be slim on appetite for long.

With the new school schedule I am finding it increasing difficult to make the crossfit classes. We are looking at cutting back my hours at work as well. So I may be dropping Crossfit to save time and money, but happily working a shorter schedule. I am sooo totally ok with this. I had no idea when school started how difficult and taxing 5 days a week school would be. Freakin crazy! And I'm not even the one in school!

Sunday: Slept for like 17 hours and then slept some more.

Monday: Ran 5 miles and walked 3.29 for a 8.29 total

Tuesday: Stayed home with the sick kid! He started puking and crapping at 3am and did not stop til after 7am. Call this one a rest day.

Wednesday: Ran 5 miles and walked .5. Still home with the sick kid, but fortunately we have a treadmill!

Thursday: Ran 5.5 miles and walked 2.79 for a 8.29 total. Are the kids better? Of course not, Koz puked like a gallon all over the couch. And Meza has joined in with the every 30 minute diarrhea. Awesome!

Friday: Nothing today. Not only was it another sick day, the kids still puking and crapping, I strained something in my neck and the spent the morning in paralyzing pain. How freakin lame! Off to work tonight. But it looks like my schedule will change in October and I'll be able to work one day shift from now on. No more nights! And it's only one shift a week. What a freakin relief that will be!

Saturday: So this whole neck thing is bullshit! It's loads better from yesterday, but I still have a lot of pain and can't move normally. I want to run and do my usual day! Sucko. Man I hope tomorrow is better!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two things

My favorite two things right now:

Using running as a form of commuting. I take the kids in the stroller to run to the store or school or park. Sometimes I get to run places by myself too!

David saying he wants to start running with me! Sadly he has to have foot surgery and will likely be not able to run for another 6 months after, but he's interested and that's a world of change from his previous interests.

So cool.

Monday, September 12, 2011

School's starting!

This is the week I've been training for! School!

The plan for each day is to run 2.5 miles to school, walk or run home, hang out and then run another 2.5 back to school, and definitely walk home. (two kids in the stroller on the way home!)

I'm hitting a crossfit class today, one this week during the evening and again on Saturday. And there may be another longer run or two sometime during the week. I'm very excited to get my run on!

Sun: Duplicate from yesterday but mapmyrun does Sun-Sat and counts better than me. So yesterday had a 5.58 mile run .58 mile walk

Mon: Crossfit. and that's it.

Tues: 8.29 miles! 6 total run, and 2.29 walked. Broken up into 2.5 miles to school twice and 1.65 miles home twice! Run there and run part of the way back. My pace on the 2.5 too school was first 10.0 with both kids then 8.8 with one kid. Hells yeah!

Wed: 9.29 miles! 6.5 total run, and 2.69 walked. Same deal two loops of 4.63 miles.

Thurs: 8.29 miles. Ran 5 total and walked 3.39. A little sore today!

Fri: Well I can't say I'm surprised. I'm sick. First week of school stress was bound to do that. I spent the night with horrible painful body aches, and the GI tract has decided everything needs to jump ship. I don't actually feel tired though. But I am going to take it easy today as I'm working tonight. So driving to school. Happy Friday?

Sat: Still sick

Sun: Still sick.....

Well the end of the week did not go as planned. I called in sick on Saturday night and it was a really good thing. I've the past 17 hours and feel much better. Hoping to be back in the running swing tomorrow.

Total miles for this week are still good though!
Run: 23.08
Walk: 8.48
Total: 31.56

Monday, September 5, 2011

By the numbers

Mon: Great run! 8.32 miles 10.32 pace.
Knees a smidge sore but the cardio part has finally kicked back in. If you asked any part of my body above my knees it would have said keep running! The knees were not on board.
Good run anyways. Was really hoping for a sub 10 but as this is the longest run I've done in a couple of months, I'll take it!

Tues: Ran 3.8 miles and man was it hard! Walked another 3ish miles. I this is a recovery day from yesterday's long run. Oh how quickly 8 miles became a long run! Crossfit. Knees are sore!

Wed: Ran 3 or 4 miles of a 12.35 walk with the kids. Not sure how much I actually ran, but man I am beat!

Thurs: Crossfit and I'm feeling like I'm done for the day.

Fri: Today was a bust. Got a flat on the stroller and worked the night shift so no run for me. Lame.

Sat: Got the wheel fixed! Did a short and sweet 3.5 mile run plus 2.11 mile walk home.

Sun: Ran 5ish miles walked another .5

Total:38.65 miles
Run: 24.65 miles
Walk: 14 miles