Monday, March 19, 2012

He ran! He ran!

First run, a week ago, was a whopping quarter of a mile. We kept planning to do it again, but the whole snow, hail and torrential rain put a damper on things.

Anyways, three days later.... .8 mile!!! Yeah he had the stroller with both kids and it kicked his speedy ass. He cannot run far, but he is annoyingly fast. He made it the first lap ok, then the second lap started to take him down. Man has no cardio fitness. That's what a year with a broken foot will do to you.

It was kind of cool, he's very strong, but I had to push the stroller the second lap. That won't last long.

Yeah family!

I left him at home and went out for a little longer and finished out at 3.17 miles.

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