Saturday, March 17, 2012

Newtons on my man

So the man wants to run. He has never run, though is naturally athletic as hell. Like annoyingly so. He has the washboard abs and hulking arms and shoulders and hasn't exercised a day in his life.

A year ago he broke his foot. A matchbox car took him down. And it took him year to realize it was broken. (I mean seriously! A matchbox car?!) After the confirming CT and unsuccessful 6 weeks in a boot (apparently waiting a year to deal with a break is not ideal for bone healing) he had surgery to remove an M&M sized bone called the seismoid from his foot.

That was 3 months ago. About 6 months ago he told me he wanted to start running with me when his foot healed up. Last week he told me he was ready to start running.

Yesterday his running shoes came in the mail. Newtons Motion. Minimal shoe. So lower heel but still very cushy. He put them on and freaked out.

I had the same experience. I had been running in Asics Kayano for over a year and I had been having foot pain. Ball of the foot, feels like it's sprained most of the time, pain. I thought it was my other shoes. I tried wearing the running shoes to work and I almost couldn't walk by the end of the shift.

I did some research on metatarsal pain, ball of foot pain, and came to the conclusion that I have skinny white girl feet. Bony as hell and no cushion. One of the articles recommended the Newtons.

Bought em, tried and have never looked back. There are a lot of low heel shoes out there and I will likely be trying more of them. What I notice is the main difference for me is the lack of pressure on the front of my foot. In regular running shoes I feel like I am running in high heels.
I naturally land on the ball of my foot. Most of the cushion in my Asics is on the heel. Sucks to be my feet.

But the low heel shoes don't push me farther forward, and have awesome cushy in the front. From the first step the difference was amazing. Like seriously the difference was huge. My knees felt better, my shins and most importantly my feet.

Enter man o' mine. He's got front of foot issues, ie no seismoid bone in the ball of his foot now. He wears regular sport shoes at work, with cushy thick heels, and is on his feet all day. That's a lot of pressure pushing on the front of his foot. When he got home from work he put on the Newton's and was in near tears in the way his feet felt. I thought he was fucking with me. But he was totally serious. We went out front and ran a quarter mile. He felt awesome.

Being that I want his running career to last we're taking the smart and safe route and will be adding a quarter mile to each run for the next several weeks. His ankles are weak as hell and as I've mentioned, dude has never run. Though I found him to be annoyingly fast. That's ok, he can push the two kids in the stroller.

Stay tuned. This may become a wonderful family affair.

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