Sunday, April 22, 2012

Coming back

Today I am enjoying a relaxing spring break with my family. Kids, beach, hubs and running!

We're staying at a beautiful cabin just a short distance from home right on the water. The kids have caught lizards, searched for shells and rocks and searched the seaside. The adults have napped, herded children, ate an awesome steak dinner and spent an inordinate amount of time on the couch.

Two goals I've had for the weekend were to start a knitting project, check, and to do some running. The last week has been difficult to get any time in. Thursday was a nice 3 miles. Friday was lazy. And the Friday night/Saturday morning was spent with food poisoning after Fridays lazy lunch at the food court.

Needless to say Saturday was not a running day, and I had to work that night. Fortunately I felt pretty much normal by noon and napped until work time. This morning we got up way too early for the amount of sleep I'd had and headed to the cabin.

After laying around on the couch looking at the beautiful view I thought it might be nice to hike the steep hill from the cabin to the beach and back. Then I decided to continue up the hill to the road. I think one lap is about half a mile. It's hard to say as my gps doesn't register under the heavy trees. But it's very steep.

On the second pass of the cabin I changed into actual running clothes (jeans just don't work) and starting running it. I really really really like doing hills. You work your ass off and then when you are about to puke you get a break running back downhill. I think when I get to the point of running hills I can say my base fitness level has finally returned. I did about 3 laps. Yeah I know, not much to brag about. But I still feel nauseated after the short run.  Oh how I wished there was a semi flat trail to follow!

Tomorrow I'll try to do another 6 laps then run on the main road. It's very pretty here and hopefully I won't get lost.

Yeah hills!

Goals: Back to running 4-5 miles by May.

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