Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekly numbers

Monday: Ran 6.8 miles, broken up into 1.8 before crossfit class, 1.8 after crossfit class, and another 3 to the park to play with the kids!

Tuesday: Rest day with a 5.6 mile walk with the kids in the stroller.

Wed: Run 3.6 miles with both kids in the stroller, walked another .6. Then got another 5.3 run in later without kids!

Thurs: Ran 4.8 miles with the kids, did another 5-ish miles walking.

Fri: Ran 4.01 miles no walks and with 2 kids in the stroller!

Sat: Crossfit class and ran 6 miles.

Sun: No class today, I'm sore and beat! So today was a rest day. Ran a short 2 miles and walked another 4 miles

Weekly Totals

Run: 32.2 miles
Walk: 15.2 miles

Total: 47.4 miles

Pretty good!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! And congrats on trying for another baby. I look forward to following your progress being pregnant and continuing to work out (something I was NOT successful at). Not sure if we will have more kids, but if we do, that's the way I want to roll too.