Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week 15 Part of the gang

Today was a suck ass day at practice. Maybe I'm getting old or maybe I just need to get into better shape, but last nights alcohol kicked my ass. I felt like a freakin noodle, no strength, no energy. I'm ok with days like that, they happen and I get through them.

But the bummer part was after practice Don Juan asked if I wanted to stay and ref for the PFM scrimmage. I really wanted to do it. And honestly I was so excited and flattered to be recognized as one of the refs. Even though Don Juan knows I am learning and not particularly skilled.

See that's one of the misconceptions about joining teams or activities. I think a lot of people think that if you aren't awesome or one of the best then why bother. I've gotten very far in life being mediocre at a lot of things and being good at very few things.

I don't look to be the best. I work hard to always be better but I don't measure my success at being the best. Success for me is showing up, being part of it, and being known for working hard.

If I am ok, then that's good enough for me. If I work hard and become good, well that's ok too.

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