Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week 17 Finding some balance

I completely skipped week 16. You see the first four months of derby, I hit hard and heavy. Pretty much everyday was at least partially devoted to derby or skating. But the month of June has been a little tough for me.

I made a deal with my husband that I would get 3-4 months to get my skating up to a basic level and he and the family would sit in the sidelines for me.

The kids didn't really notice any difference because I am home with them all day during the week. But my husband was missing out on us spending time together. Evenings and weekends were devoted to skating and he took over with the kids.

So now I am trying to make a schedule that includes a good combination of working out, skating, derby, and family time. I think I have the schedule well worked out but the month of June has required me to take a significant break from derby.

We had to get the house cleaned up. All the work from last year and the winter had fallen to the wayside while my husband was injured and now that the weather was sort of turning we had a lot of catch up.

Also we decided to turn the storage area in the studio into a gym. Specifically this gym is being made available to the skaters on my league so those who are injured, can't afford a gym membership, have kids, or just want to work out together can come and get some exercise in. It's also for me too, so that I can be motivated to exercise more.

And finally the chicken coop is being remodeled. We had gotten a little out of control with the chickens and our backyard had become unusable because of it. This weekend we will demo and rebuild the roof and separate it from the studio.

These are all projects that needed to happen and I couldn't skip out on them. Trying to balance things I need to do and things I want to do is just not always easy. And because the house and family needed time I had to miss out on derby.

I've hit a few practices off and on, but nothing like I need or want. And while it's hard to be ok with it, I have to just sit back and chill. I read the posts of the other girls talking about practice. I miss going, I miss them, I miss being a part of it.

But what keeps me going is knowing that they will be there when I'm ready to go back. Knowing that they miss me and look forward to seeing me again too.

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