Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week 17 Back in the saddle

Yeah!!! After 2 and a half weeks off skates I finally made it to practice.

I missed two entire weeks of practice due to home projects and the last scrimmage I had been an NSO. These were projects that needed to happen and could not wait for my skating schedule. I put the time in and now life can go back to normal.

I had still been able to go to the gym most days so I didn't regress at all. And I wasn't actually worried about how it would feel to get back on skates.

Skating has been somewhat stressful for me the first few months. I always would wonder if I still knew how to skate every time I went to practice. Fortunately after several months I have convinced myself that I do know how to skate.

So last night's scrimmage finally arrived after days and days of longing for derby. I strapped my skates on and hit the floor. A couple laps later I was right back where left off. It felt so good to skate.

I've been doing a lot of weight lifting and the extra strength is paying off. I was the outside pack ref, which is currently my favorite position. I get to skate skate skate, crossover crossover crossover. It's weird how 2 weeks off and my crossovers are greatly improved. I'm skating much much lower now. I was never winded, never tired and it all just felt really good. Now I just need to figure out how to get faster!

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