Thursday, June 24, 2010

Week 17 Battle on the Banked

This is a very cool day. Today I will fly to San Diego to contribute my mad NSO skills to the Battle of the Banked.

Well actually my skills aren't that mad, and the rules are a bit different, so even if my skills were mad, they wouldn't really count for the banked track. But whatever.

I'm flying in a plane. Not excited.

Learning some new rules, totally excited.

And participating in my first and most undoubtedly bad assed banked track roller derby!

I got the line up yesterday of what jobs and when I'm working bouts. Hah! They listed me as an OPR. Outside Pack Ref. Which first of all, on banked track, I have no idea what that means. Second of all, I have only OPR'd 3 times. Not well, not fast, probably not a good idea. But not to worry, they switched me out for another position.

But whatever. I leave tonight, first solo trip, first banked track, first for reals.

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